MMSSTV is really great slow-scan TV software.

     I'm VK7JJ and Lyn is VK7FLYN.

Amateur radio is great.

My first call was VK7ZEN and to all us kids growing up in Australia in the 1950's science held so much promise. Constuction of our own gear was the only way to go.

A secret crystal set under the pillow, dreaming of the Radio TV and Hobbies Fremodyne 4, listening to the Goon Shows.

I was very proud to get my full call. Then busy times during mid-life with kids and business ... no time for anything else.

Now I'm active again. Travelling round Australia in our 4X4 building antennae. Dreaming again - about MMANA modelling software and my trusty MFJ-259B antenna analyser, trying for Roy and the boys on the Travellers Net.

I've found that antennae are my passion. And Lyn has got her F call!!

Catch you on air.       

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